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Outbuildings Popular as Backyard Farming Revives

Farms and sustainable gardening, raising chickens and goats. Do-it-yourself, self-reliance, farm-fresh-to-table, back to nature... the trends toward suburban homesteading mean more requirements for space, storage, and at-home work.

MJS Construction has found a niche constructing outbuildings in the North Bay. Says MJS owner Matt Schmidt, "we've had a steady stream of outbuilding jobs -- sheds, barns, and workshops. There are plenty of decorative jobs like gazebos and pergolas, too, but utility structures are on the rise, and the core of MJS.

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Sonoma Construction Firm Touts Benefits of Steel Framing

MJS Construction stresses the benefits of steel framing. "Customers want to be sure of prices and quality, and steel doesn't have the drastic price swings like lumber, nor lumber's declining quality in the face of environmental restrictions," says MJS owner, Matt Schmidt.

"By comparison, steel lasts forever. It's stronger and termite proof."

There are other major benefits as well. Reducing lumber means reducing de-foresting, so less damage to endangered species such as the spotted owl. And steel is recyclable, with less waste.

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In a Down Economy, Micro Rennovations Surge in the North Bay

No job is too small. That philosophy has become the mantra for construction companies in the North Bay.

Owner Matt Schmidt of MJS Construction is no different. "I've seen more micro-jobs come in, sometimes just big jobs broken down further so that owners can pay more attention to costs."

Fortunately, MJS has its niche in outbuildings and small construction, so it is pleased with the trend -- more small jobs mean plenty to choose from.

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