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Case Study: MJS Building Transformation

MJS was brought in to work on the transformation of a a warehouse space into government offices. The original job was to install a grid ceiling and steel frame, but with a very satisfied owner, MJS went on to do many other aspects of the job -- elevator work, drywall re-work to fix poor drywall by another contractor, framing for pocket windows, stairways installation, and project management of bathroom and kitchen-type facilities.

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STEP 1: Framing is an MJS specialty. Working with an open building, we developed the steel framework for what would become office buildings.

Afterwards, MJS installed insulation and walls were prepped for close in.

STEP 2: MJS oversaw the drywall phase and walls were closed in and ready for painting. MJS framed out the windows, shown here installed.

STEP 3: MJS was further engaged to work on the newly installed elevator.

Work included adding supports and adhering the lam beam. In the picture, the shaft is now prepped for the elevator unit installation.

home frame construction

STEP 4: Shown is one of two stairways installed by MJS.
The second is almost identical to the one shown.

Visible is the addition of a new handrail to the top and the final wall retexture/paint.

STEP 5: MJS managed a number of additional projects.

One is creation of a laboratory that is both sanitary and functional. Cabinets, plumbing, and all accessories were newly installed.

STEP 6: Another project included a bathroom remodel.

MJS installed the accessories and oversaw plumbing to make the bathroom like new, yet work within the tight confines of a government budget.

STEP 7: An additional utility space further away from the kitchen.

Note the windows and walls in their final form.

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FINISHED PROJECT: Warehouse transformed
into usable offices.

With a tight budget, the offices allow for comfort and light.

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